Did you work at Hymatic?

From Peter Harris

I worked at The Hymatic Engineering Co. Ltd. in Production Engineering in the mid to late sixties. The old premises have now been vacated and the company relocated to the New Town. The old company was totally different to that which exists today. Remember Concorde or the Harrier Vertical Take Off and Landing (VTOL aircraft. Or the Mini Coolers and High Pressure Valves, and a host of other wonderful things which we made. Or the Tyre Fitting machine and other automated products. or the valves for the Martin Baker Ejector Seats (too good for James Bond's Aston Martin).

In order to record a part of important Redditch History, I am in the process of collecting memories from any people who worked at the Glover Street offices or factory up until it moved. I have some people who have already contributed, but would like to hear from as many others as is possible. We are all getting to our 'sell by date', and so it is important to collect as many memories as possible. Whether from the Management or from the Shop Floor, it's your story that I am after.

Thank you in anticipation.

I can be contacted by email at farmerpiles43@gmail.com of (01527) 541551

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