German Screwdrivers?

Frank  Fazzolari writes from Sydney, Australia….

Dear sir/madam,

I hope this email finds you well, I am a small private stamp collector in Sydney Australia and recently came across this little beauty, my foreign post card sent from Redditch to Frankfurt and thought you would love to see it as well, please feel free to use the images as you please for the benefit of your historical society. Sometimes the information and the messages contained within the cards are a wealth of historical value,,,, e.g. The needle workers at Hunt End bought screw drivers from Germany. I hope I have done something nice for your beautiful town and historical society, good luck and best wishes,


P.s. Would any of your members be able to fill in the top part of the hand stamp which is hard to decipher and please let me know if the person who signed the letter still has family in town, I bet they would love to see their great relatives hand writing.


If you can help in any way pleas get in touch with me.

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