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If you are reading this you are probably interested in Redditch Local History.  If so would you like to get “Hands On” with two projects aimed at uncovering and documenting untold local history?

The RLHS has been asked to support two local history projects being planned by the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service. Both are still at the early stages of planning, one has received a funding grant and the other has an application in the pipeline.

The first project involves an investigation of the Role & Actions of Military Tribunials in Redditch in WW1. These tribunians heard cases, some brought by individual and some by employers on behalf of their employees, for exemption from front line combat. Some appeals were successful, the individual remaining to do essential war work or serve in non-combatant roles, some were not and the individual went off to fight.  This project aims at uncovering and documenting these stories and the findings will complement our existing World War documentation.

In the second project the Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service are planning a project to investigate the development of six villages across Worcestershire via archaeological test pitting, and would like to include a village near to Redditch. Following on from a pilot project last year in White Ladies Aston they’re  hoping to expand across the county Prof. Carenza Lewis’ test pit methodology for investigating the origins of rural settlements, as it has yielded valuable and interesting results elsewhere in the country. It’s also a great way for the whole community to take part in uncovering local stories, as test pitting requires no prior archaeological experience or knowledge. It is particularly hoped that local schools will be involved.

So both project offer an opportunity to get hands-on with local history research.  If you would like to know more or want to get involved, please contact me. 

Derek Coombes

RLHS Archivist

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