Popham’s shop on Alcester Street

An enquiry received from Susan Matthews, can you help?

I wonder if you can help me or perhaps point me in the right direction. I am looking for details of a shop that was in Alcester Street,  Redditch about the 1960s. It was a baby shop called Popham owed by the Rennie family. I am trying to find details regarding the Rennie family.
Thanks for you help


Derek Coombes

RLHS Archivist


12th Feb 2020

Thanks for the feedback via Redditch Area Past & Present facebook page


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  1. Feedback on this topic from the Redditch Area Past & Present facebook site includes…..

    Joseph Fitzpatrick I remember it well but that’s all maybe look o. Kelly business directory on companies house. If it was a limited company you can get names and addresses and past accounts

    Judith Greaves I thought mr popped owed this shop it was down Alcester street

    Teresa Twilton I bought all my girls Ladybird clothing from Pophams in Alcester Street, there was also a Dolls Hospital upstairs there.

    Iris Clingan I remember Pophams shop opposite the Library. Lovely clothes for my three daughters!

    Denise Smith Remember the shop but not the family

    Judi Merrell Remember that they had a Son, but can’t think of his name.

    Diane Robinson Judi Merrell his name was Colin Poonam. His father also invented the spring plate hangers and colin continued in the same business ?

    Diane Robinson Sorry Judi for my spelling !

    Judi Merrell Diane Robinson Thanks Di. Hope yourself and John are well.

    Diane Robinson Judi Merrell Yes, keeping well thank you, (fingers crossed )x

    Lyn Maddox I remember having a new summer dress from there every year. The shop always smelled beautiful of real cotton. It was lovely. I can’t help with family unfortunately.

    Penny Thorne Cooper I think I went to school with a couple of the Martin children. Susan sounds right for the one my age. The Martin’s owned Pophams at that time, before 1960. They lived out the far side of Inkberrow.

    Sheila Danks  I knew the Martin family who were there in the 60s, Reg and Maureen they had a daughter called Susan. My Auntie Ruth (Maureen’s sister) worked there it was a beautiful shop. Sold Ladybird clothes. I don’t remember the family you mentioned so they must have been before or after. . Maybe the family you mention were prior to that so must have been 40\50s?.

    Elizabeth-anne Peart Great little shop. We thought Mr Popham owned it.

    Leigh Walton I remember Pophams so well but wouldn’t remember the family! I loved all the glass drawers with various underwear folded in them. There was a toy shop almost opposite which I loved equally!

    Judith Greaves I think at some time they lived in Bromsgrove road opposite the queen’s head pub

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