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From Ken Williams

I am interested to know if you are aware of or know how I can get my hands on any information about a Royal Enfield Motorcycle Shop the used to be int town centre many years ago.

Do you where it was sited, Any photos?

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  1. Since the query was published, we have found out that Clem Jackson ran a RE dealership at No. 66 Evesham Street which was 3 doors south of the Congregational Church.
    Our investigations are continuing.

  2. We also understand that there was a Dealership on Market place, does anyone have details or a photo of this shop?

  3. The Market Street shop was next door to the former Woolworths Store

  4. There were two Royal Enfield shops in the town centre. In the early 1950’s the shop was on Church Green East, there is a picture of it on the inside cover of the Royal Enfield ‘REVS’ magazine issue 16, Spring edition 1954. Later the shop was on Market Place, although my memory was that it was higher up Market Place, nearer to Huins rather than next to Woolworths.
    The shop that was next to Woolworths was ‘A. Bell’ who were the Royal Enfield agents for cycles and motorcycles between the wars, postcards exist of these premises with the name clearly readable. This shop was burnt down along with others and replaced by the building still standing which was originally Woolworths and later Tony’s Handyman.

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