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We have just resurrected of our “Redditch Heritage Matters” title, not as a monthly newsletter but as an annual Journal containing a selection of articles by both members and non-members on a variety of local history topics.
We have also decided this will be a free-to-all publication but only published on-line. There is a print option which allows readers to self-print if they really want to.
As well as containing articles on what RLHS members are involved in we have included articles from non-members. This is in the hope that we can attract more input for future editions.
Access to the new Redditch Heritage Matters is via the publication page of the RLHS website at or via the direct link
So I hope you enjoy reading this edition, and I hope it inspires you to write an article of your own for inclusion in the next edition.
Please send your contributions to
Many thanks,

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