Alcester Street Sandwich Bar?

 David Hatcher contacted us asking……

For many years from 1984 onwards, I worked at Redditch Police Station. At lunchtimes many of us would stroll up to the parade of shops opposite what is now the library. I do not know the name of the original road. It is of course pedestrianised now.
There was a sandwich bar (no seating) and we would queue up sometimes out through the door, for hot rolls. The most popular was a baguette filled with a pile of bacon and always wrapped in aluminium foil. Every one was freshly cooked and you could choose a sauce, tomato or brown etc. Can anyone tell me the name of the shop? Sadly the shop is long gone. I seem to remember it was the name of the owner, a well built jolly fellow always smiling and wearing a white apron!
‘Lens’ maybe? A picture of the shopfront would be a bonus 😉

 David Hatcher

I cannot remember this Sandwich Bar personally but I assume the shops David is talking about are those from Peakman Street down to where the new buildings are, this would be Alcester Street,  assuming that Church Green East ends at Peakman Street which is not 100% clear on the town centre maps.

Can you help with a name and possibly a picture?

Derek Coombes

RLHS Archivist

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